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Mandala Design Creation

Let's look at some examples of mandalas:

Some example mandalas

Now I'll show you how to make mandalas like this for use in your textiles, documents, scrapbooks and so on. You'll even be able to make floral mandalas!

First run the program and click on the "Wizard" menu, "Draw me a picture..." item:

Drawing a mandala picture

Next you will get a dialog where you should choose "Mandala" as the basic form and "Standard" as the interpretation. Don't worry if you don't understand these terms, all will become clear before you reach the end of this mandala tutorial. Anyway, your dialog box should look like this:

Sea Colored Mandala

When you click on OK you'll get a sea colored mandala, it won't be the same as the example below because Gliftex makes different choices every now and then, but you will get a sea colored mandala of some sort:

A simple standard mandala

Now, to liven up this mandala design change the "interpretation" panel to look like this:

Experimental Mandala

Now all you have to do is click on the icon to generate various version of the mandala using the "sea colors" color scheme. Here are two images I prepared earlier:

Subdued color mandalas

Well so far so good, but I'd like to liven up the colors of my mandala. The easiest way is to do some experimentation using the color scheme panel. Set it as follows:

Mandala Color Scheme

And now click on the color icon: Color Scheme Experimentation a few times. Here are some examples:

Strong color mandalas

As you can see the form remains the same, as does the interpretation of the form.

There is a free demo of Gliftex, and tutorials within the help file which comes with the demo. And remember that Gliftex does not only do mandalas, it does tons of other sorts of deisgns too! All this for only $14.99.

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