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Gliftex, InkScape, Xara And EMF files

Over the years many people have asked which sort of programs can be made to make User Forms to be used inside Gliftex. For a long time Gliftex only accepted WMF and DXF forms, but from 10.5 onwards it will also accept EMF forms.

This was a result of finding out that InkScape, though a decent free program, does not always save WMF correctly, in fact InkScape may crash when saving a WMF file.

However InkScape is free, and does save EMF files. So I decided to implement EMF file reading for user forms.

User Forms can only contain simple objects, specifically straight lines, circles, ellipses and closed shapes made of straight lines. Here is a wallpaper design drawn with straight lines in InkScape:

And here is what Gliftex can make with that form:

For more information on user forms, where to save them and what they can contain, see the help file of Gliftex.

EMFs and WMFs from Xara Extreme also work as user forms for Gliftex, by the way! Here is an example Xara image (only straight lines, ellipses, closed shapes with straight lines accepted):

There is a free demo of the program...

The demo has simple step by step tutorials included in the help file. Gliftex can be used for many other overall (and non) patterns, like floral designs and mandala designs.


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