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How to create natural color schemes

Nature gives us many color schemes which we can use with Gliftic. If you have a digital camera with you when you see an interesting natural scene take a photo to later try it out with Gliftic. (Of course any image on your computer can be used as a color scheme, scanned old photos for example, or your own artwork.)

A lively color scheme can be found with a mixture of oranges and tangerines:

Tangerines and Oranges

And let Gliftic create a lush bright design:

Lush Bright Design


A more subdued image can give a more subtle color scheme:

Dried Flowers

Look carefully in the image above and you'll see the colors which appear in the Gliftic generated image below:

Trellis with colors from dried flowers

The next example is a close up of a fall leaf:

Leaf Close Up

And this is a Gliftic image which uses colors from that leaf:

Colors from leaf close up


Take a cat's eye: Cats Eye and add it as a color scheme, and then tile the result:

Tiled Gliftic Image with colors from cats eye



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