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Rose Window Decorations and Floral Designs

Sometimes you want a distinctive design for a web page or a scrapbooking project, maybe a rose window as a decoration or an overall floral design for a background. Here are some examples, first some rose windows:

Examples of decorative Rose Window images

And now some overall floral designs:

Overall Florals based on a trellis

With just a few mouse clicks and judicious choice of colors you can create many designs yourself as nice as the ones above.

In fact with Gliftex you can even create a Rose Window Floral Design! I'll show you how on this page, but for single theme ideas click on one of the links below:

How to create floral designs.

How to create rose window designs.

Now, for our floral rose window, run Gliftex and click on "Draw Me A Picture" in the wizard menu:

Choosing the "draw me a picture" item

(Gliftex is Vista, XP and Windows 7 compatible, but I don't like wasting good screen area on the decorative fluff of those two operating systems so I always set the theme to "classic windows". Hence the rather old look of the menus.)

Anyway, if you click on Draw me a picture you'll get a dialog where you choose the basic form of the image you are going to create as well as the color scheme and other things. Set your dialog to look like that shown below:

How to setup for a floral rose window

Once you've setup the dialog as shown above click on the OK button and your first image will be created. It will almost certainly not be what you want, but I'll show you how to change that in the rest of this tutorial.

Rose Window as Floral

Remember that you will probably see something different. The program is creatve but it makes writing tutorials a little difficult!

Anyway the first thing we will do is change the basic form of the rose window by right clicking on the image and choosing "Change Form Settings..."

Change rose window settings menu

You will get a dialog where you can change the geometry of the rose window decoration:

12 rose window segments and 24 rose window segments

Now click on OK. Again what you see will be different to what I see, but in the next step we will get closer!

Right click on the image and choose "Change Interpretation Settings..."

How to change the detail of the design

The next dialog you see will be the one shown below, and for the time being set it to how it is shown:

How to setup the Floral  Dialog

Now when you click on OK the image created will look something like this:

Floral rose window in need of brighter colors

Now setup the color panel as shown below:

Color experiments with floral desoins

Now every time you click on the icon the program will create another color scheme for the image. Below are some examples of what the new floral rose window color schemes might look like:

Color experiments with rose window floral designs

And of course you can change the size of the final image, and just to show how detailed the image is here is one quarter of a rose window design:

Floral Rose Window Detail

The Home version of Gliftex costs just $29 and there is a free demo downloadable here.

Included in the help file are tutorials which swiftly and easily cover 90% of what you need to use the program.


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