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How many programs actually give you new ideas for your textile designs?

There are many programs which help you with the purely technical problems of textile design, like format conversion, vector tracing, rasterization etc. But Gliftex is one of the few programs which gives you new ideas as well as an easy way to experiment and fine tune those ideas.

Surface Design Example

You can easily preview your design as a tiled image. Here are some examples:

Surface Pattern Design Example (light floral)

The same floral textile design can be recolored with a different color scheme:

Surface Pattern Design Example (dark moss vegetation)

The demo version includes a tutorial explaining how color schemes work in Gliftex. Here is another example of recoloring a textile design, changing the entire "feel" of the design:

Textile Design Color Schemes

Alternative Textile Design Color Schemes

Apart from traditional designs, Gliftex can create modern designs too:

Surface Pattern Design Example (light blue diamonds)

The output of the PRO version is both bitmap and PostScript. Vector .PS output means that the designs are as high a resolution as you want, as well as being modifiable by you using a program like Illustrator.

The gallery shows off some more designs. Find out more about seamless tiling. The demo version can be downloaded here. Here is more info on colorways.




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