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Gallery of objects created with PhotoToMesh and 3D Printers.

Unframed lithophane
This wedding lithophane was made by Julia, who added the frame to give it a final finish:

Upper and lower framed lithophane

STL Vase (PhotoToMesh)
Gabriel Guzman designed this vase with a portrait of Socrates on it, using PhotoToMesh

Printed 3D landscape
Ed Hebbel of Free Thought Designs has replicated the Martian landscape using NASA photos and PhotoToMesh. Here's a side view:

3D printed landscape of Martian terrain

Ed also created this coaster for BashFastFood.com:

Coaster for glasses printed in 3D

STL Super Heroine
This superheroine was made by Donny M, which, when back lit looks like this:

Backlit Super Heroine STL file for 3D printers

STL Lithophanes

Jungseo Park sent this great photo of a lithophane created with PhotoToMesh, front lit (upper image) and back lit (lower image.

Sarah Lin's lithophane
Sarah Lin created this with PhotoToMesh using the cylindrical lithophane settings. It is lit internally.

Lithophane STL file backlit and front lit
This shows a cylindrical lithophane created by Jamie Wilson. (The inset at top left shows the lithophane lit externally). Below are four lithophanes created by Jamie Wilson using hsi family as models:

Four lithophanes

And here is a surface of revolution lithophane:

And here is the surface of Mars, with mountains valleys and plains:

Surface of Mars


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