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3d Printing of Mars Terrain Landscapes

Ed Hebbel, (of www.freethoughdesigns.com) has used PhotoToMesh to create scale reproductions of the Mars terrain. Here is an original image...

Mars terrain 3d files

...and using images like this Ed has created 3D objects representing the Martian terrain:

Settings for printing Mars terrain in 3D

And here are the final printed 3D objects:

Mars terrain 3D print output

3D printer Mars terain 3d print

Amazing what is possible with modern software, hardware, and satellites!


"I imported the STL's from PhotoToMesh into my CAM package (Cimatron E) and machined the STL directly."
Hi Owen, I found out about PhotoToMesh while Google researching displacement maps and CNC routing 3D reliefs. It does exactly what I need. Thanks! - C G



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