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How to make a bracelet with bas-relief for 3D printing.

Here is a photo of the sort of thing what we are going to make:

Bracelet with bas-relief STL file

The first thing to do is to get hold of the image you want to wrap around the outside of the bracelet, in the example above it was part of a chess board, but it could be anything you want. It is probably best if you choose a long thin image so that it does not get distorted to much.

Bas relief bracelet images should be long and thin.

Now open the image file in PhotoToMesh, or drag it into the main window of PhotoToMesh and you'll be presented with the image import wizard:

Image Wizard for 3d printer bracelet

There are three steps to the wizard, but if you're happy with the image just click on next each time.

So the program will look something like this:

Bas relief bracelet, settings

Under the "Solid Shape" combo you have "Rectangular Slab". We don't want that, we want "Cylinder", so change it:

Bas-Relief arm band

Now this looks more like an arm-band than a bracelet, so the first thing to do is to set up the measurements. You do this by changing the Diameter of cylinder and Height of cylinder edit boxes. It depends on what your 3d printer's units are, mine are millimeters so I'll set the diameter to 75 and the height to 20. When you've done that click on "Recreate Model":

Bas-Reflief Bracelet Start

For a detailed bas-relief you'll need to put the samples to about 700 and 500, as shown above, top left of the dialog.

Now, if you want the image to be all around the bracelet surface, and from top to bottom, you need to set those image settings to 100%. Click on the Image placement... button and set the dialog to that shown below:

Image placement on bracelet surface

Now click on OK and you'll get a 3D view like this (use the mouse to rotate the view to various angles):

First go, chess bracelet

We're nearly there! Now set the...

  • Smoothing to 0.1
  • Height of mesh to 2
  • Wall thickness to 2
  • Vignette settings to None
  • Samples are 700 and 500

...as shown below:

Solid Surface Preview

Now you can use the file menu to save it as an STL file ready for your 3D printer to read and print...

Save STL file of bracelet

With versions 6 and 7 you can also have bas-relief inside the bracelet:

Inside Outside Bracelet

The program has a free demo which you can download by clicking on the button below:


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