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Bas-relief bracelets for 3d printers.

This article will show you how to make two different bracelets for your 3D printer using PhotoToMesh V7 (download here). In both cases a long image is placed along the outer circumference of the bracelet, and in one case some text is placed inside the bracelet.

Bracelet 1 Bracelet 2

You'll probably choose your own images to wrap around the bracelets, but remember that they should be long if you don't want too much distortion when you fit them on the very short cylinder which will become your bracelet. (The two bracelets shown above and described below are available as STL files on thingiverse.com.)

Here are the three images I used in this case:

Bas reliefs for bracelets

When you choose your own images they should be between 1000 and 3000 pixels wide, no bigger and no smaller.

Now run PhotoToMesh and, making sure you have Show Front/Outer Image selected in the main dialog, open your long thin image using the File menu, Open Image File... item:

Open an image file for a bas-relief bracelet

Then leave the default settings of the image import wizard as they are, clicking on Next until you get to the main dialog. Unless you are very lucky it will not yet look like this:

Bracelet Settings

What you should do is make your settings look like the ones in the top half of the above screenshot.

Apart from the above settings there are another two things to do.

The first one is to click on Vignette Settings... button and switch off vignettes (None) and make the background white (100%) :

Vignette settings

The second thing to do is to click on the Image Placement... button and centralise the image on the object (the two 50% settings) and make it occupy the whole object (the two 100% settings):

Image position settings

Now you screen should look like this:

Bas relief sharks on a bracelet

Drag your mouse over the 3d area to change viewpoint.

Now all you have to do is save the STL file...

Save bracelet file.

...and read it into your 3d printer software, ready to print:

3D Printing bracelet, two sharks.


For the next bracelet what you have to do first is exactly the same as you did for the two sharks bracelet, except that you use a tileable image of celtic knots. It has to be tileable else you'll see the join. This did not matter in the two sharks bracelet because the background was a pure white. Here's a s smaller version of what I used:

Celtic knot for bracelet

Notice how the left and right ends match up.

Inside PhotoToMesh it looks like this:

Celtic Knot Bracelet settings

Remember to setup the Vignette Settings... and the Image Placement... as you did in the first part of this article.

Now the tricky bit. We want to put some text on the inside of the bracelet. The sequence is the same as putting the image on the outside, except for one important point, you must have Show Back/Inner image selected before you start:

The inner image

Notice that the image rectangle is empty because you have not yet brought in the image to be used inside the bracelet.

Now open the image file, I've chosen a simple black and white image with the words "Red Red Rose" in them...

Afetr inner image settings are complete

Now everything you do with the Vignette Settings... and Image Placement... buttons will affect the inner image and not the outer image. Vignette Settings... should be as before, None with a white background, whereas, in this case Image Placement... is slightly different:

Inner image placement

I did not want to stretch the image all around the inner circumference, so I set it to 56% width.

Save the STL file...

Save bracelet file.

...and print it:

Photo of 3D printing bracelet

PhotoToMesh has a free demo which you can try on your Windows PC by downloading it from here:




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