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How to create 3D CAD meshes from art-work.

Simply select your artwork and bring it into the main window. You can get the original image by opening the file (use the File menu) or using the Windows clipboard. Once the mesh has been made (within a few seconds of opening the image) you can export it as a DXF file or a STL (stereolithographic) file. The screenshot below gives an example of you will see within a few seconds:

Dragging the mouse over the 3D image you can rotate the solid to see it from various angles. Here is another example using a photograph:

Of course you can make the mesh denser or finer, and smooth the mesh simply by dragging the "Smoothing" slider. The output can be an STL file (ready for machining) or a 3D mesh for import into AutoCAD and other 3d CAD programs.

Here's a quiz for you: What famous surrealist painter created the original of the object shown below?

A Pipe

The program has a free demo which you can download by clicking on the button below:







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