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Heightfield to DXF STL size settings

The heightfield is generated from a photograph or image. The image has its own dimensions, but the mesh usually has other dimensions. You can choose the size of your output mesh with the following parameters in the main dialog. (The example shown below is for a rectangular mesh, but PhotoToMesh also does cylindrical ones.)

Heightfield parameters for generating the mesh

If you have 400 points in X and Y then 399 x 399 = 159201 faces will be created in a quad mesh surface.

In a closed triangular surface the number of points is roughly quadrupled, about 640,000 faces, with the example above.

Neither STL nor DXF have units (inches miles centimeters lightyears). They simply have numbers. So the Mesh X Size and Mesh Height are pure numbers which the software you use on the output of PhotoToMesh will interpret according to the settings you use.

There is a free demo available which you can use to try out your own image, click on the button below to download it:






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