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How to convert a heightfield from a photo to a DXF file...

Sometimes you have a photo you need to convert to a heightfield so that you can then convert the heightfield to a DXF (or maybe STL) file. The whole process can be achieved in a few seconds as shown in the screenshot below:

Photo to DXF via Heightfield

PhotoToMesh is not a 3D reconstruction program, it is a heightfield maker which uses images as the source data and which can output the heightfield as various sorts of 3D image file formats. Programs like this are sometimes called "Heightfield Generators".

Here is a DXF file created from a heightfield using PhotoToMesh which has been opened in AutoCAD:

Photograph to DXF mesh (heightfield)

You can of course import the DXF file into any CAD or CAM system which supports DXF meshes, and most do.

For 3D printers it is normally better to use PhotoToMesh's STL file saving instead of DXF.

If you want to try PhotoToMesh on your own images just download the Windows demo by clicking on the button below:

Download PhotoToMesh Free Demo
(Windows only, not the Mac)






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