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How to make lithophanes in other shapes...

Traditional lithophanes were rectangular...

Traditional lithophane

...and even modern ones can be...

Tradiional lithophane, modern technology

Then, when PhotoToMesh V3 came out suddenly it was easy to create cylindrical lithophanes:

Cylindrical lithophane, Photo To Mesh V3

But now, with PhotoToMesh V7 you can make spherical, spheroid, and even surface of revolution lithophanes!

You need to take into account the light you are going to use (often these days a LED) and the type of plastic and the thickness of the wall. many different sorts of objects which can be internally lit to form new and strange lithophanes. For example cylindrical ones:

Sarah C Lin of Idea Beans Ltd. has been experimenting with the V4 and has produced these egg shaped lithophanes:

Spheroid (egg-like) lithophane, Photo To Mesh V4

I've not yet received any photos of surface of revolution lithophanes created with PhotoToMesh, but as soon as I do they'll get put on this page. Here's a screenshot to tempt you:

If you want to try PhotoToMesh on your own images just download the Windows demo by clicking on the button below:

Download PhotoToMesh Free Demo
(Windows only, not the Mac)





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