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How to turn 2D images into 3D machineable models.

If you have a photo you want to turn into a bas-relief or a lithophane PhotoToMesh may be the answer. It takes the image, lets you adjust it (size rotation contrast cropping) then applies it to one of several solid shapes (for example a rectangular slab or a cylinder). Then the solid model is saved in an STL file which you can send to you 3D printer or CNC machine (if your CNC machine accepts STL files).

The simplest example is a rectangular picture turned into a bas-relief on a rectangular slab:

Bas-Relief to machineable STL file

The original image is on the left of the PhotoToMesh screen and the STL file preview is on the right. Another example, this time placed on a single curved surface:

Here is a cylindrical example with two images in bas relief on it:

Turn twp 2D images into 3D bracelet.

As you can see, PhotoToMesh lets you place two images on different surfaces of the same cylinder.

And another cylindrical example, this time not a bracelet but a lithophane, made by applying a 2d image onto the 3d form of a cylinder:

Machineable objects from 2D photos

The image above shows the cylinder with an internal light source (a small LED lamp for example). With the light source switched off the same object looks like this:

You can try the demo of PhotoToMesh (for Windows 7 upwards) by clicking on the link below to download the PhotoToMesh install.





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