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What are the maximum sizes in PhotoToMesh?

I had two questions from a user and thought my replies might be useful to others:

Q1: What's the maximum size I can export from PhotoToMesh in millimeters?

2,000 mm, which is 2 meters. If you can afford a 3D printer which prints at more than 2 meters and need a special version of PhotoToMesh contact me.

Q2: What's the maximum resolution of the photo I can convert to STL file?

What this question means is how wide or how tall in pixels can the image be (of the cat in the screenshot above for example)?

The maximum number of samples from the photo that PhotoToMesh will take is 1500. If your photo is 6000 pixels wide (for example) for every horizontal row of pixels 1 will be used and 3 will be discarded (not quite true, see note below). So you can use large images if you want, but in general your 3D prints will not benefit from them.

Note: Actually the "extra pixels" are not discarded. They are used in anti-aliassing to produce a non pixellated image which PhotoToMesh works on. But in general, with modern digital photos/images, it does not pay to use very large images in PhotoToMesh.

Here is another example of object sizes and how they are specified and change the output STL file:

Size of 3d printed objects

I imported the two STL files into the MakerBot software. If you count the divisions you'll see that the 50.0mm version has a width of 5 divisions of 10mm each and the 150mm version has a width of 15 divisions.




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