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PhotoToMesh settings.

This dialog shows you the main settings for converting images to 3d meshes:

Mesh creation settings for a flat lithophane

Remember that neither STL nor DXF have units. How the files are interpreted by your software or printer depends on the settings or defaults of that software or printer. The units could be mm or inches, but as far as PhotoToMesh is concerned they are pure numbers.

You can smooth the meshes to get rid of awkward protruberances which might be difficult to machine or 3D print :

Mesh Smoothing 0
Mesh Smoothing 1
Mesh Smoothing 3

The limits dialog gives you neven more control on how an image is turned into a 3d surface. Here is an example where the limits have been set to the central range.

Transfer Function for photo to heightfield

You can learn more about how these settings effect your final STL file size here.

PhotoToMesh is a Windows program and you can download and try the demo with your own images:


"I imported the STL's from PhotoToMesh into my CAM package (Cimatron E) and machined the STL directly."





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