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PhotoToMesh DXF, STL and STLB samples page

You can search for Ransen or PhotoToMesh to find what others have made using the program.

And the STL files shown below are copyright free and are provided free of charge so you can test them in your own programs and NC machines. If you require any DXF samples then click here.

Click on the images below to download the STL file.

STL sphere file with eye
STL elephant file from photo
STL cylinder sample

Contact me if you have any questions. There is a free demo available which you can use to try out your own images or photos. Click on the button below to download the demo:


"I am incredibly happy with PhotoToMesh. I hunted for a simple program that would turn an image into a basic height map. PhotoToMesh accomplished this with little effort and at a reasonable price."

- Nathaniel






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