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PhotoToMesh screenshots.

Here is a surface of revolution:

Here is a cylindrical form, using Einstein as the original photograph:

Example of Lithophane in cylindrical form

You can also do flat objects, as shown below.

Example of Lithophane in rectangular form

Here is a spherical form, also new in V4:

Again, with a simple surface of revolution you can even create Celtic eggs...!

Here is a flatter Celtic example:

Here is a design for a lithophane, note the open bottom, if you'll excuse the expression:

Open bottom vase shaped lithophane

Another cylindrical example:

Cylindrical object from PhotoToMesh

Finally you can also make hollow polygonal extrusions. here is a hexagon extruded to make a hollow hexagonal STL or DXF file:

Hollowed out hexagon

Try the demo with your own images, download by clicking on the button below (Windows only):






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