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Export from PhotoToMesh to DXF mesh.

There is a problem with DXF meshes, they have a maximum number of vertices possible of 32,767. Which means that if you have, for example about 128 X samples and 128 Y samples and use a closed triangular mesh you are headed for trouble.

AutoCAD will not be able to represent it properly. And the larger the number of vertices the less AutoCAD will show you of your mesh. This is an inherent limit of the AutoCAD DXF DWG specification, and nothing to do with PhotoToMesh.

Here is a closeup of a DXF mesh superimposed on the STL equivalent:

High density STL cylinder compared with a DXF cylinder

AutoCAD does not actually crash if you send it more than 32,767 faces, it just ignores the ones it cannot handle.

So if it is possible, with high density models, use STL.

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