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Extruded Polygons

With the extruded polygons option of PhotoToMesh you can make, for example, hollow cubes, triangular prisms, hexagonal extrusions:

Extruded Polygon Examples

To create objests like those shown above you need to do three main things:

Step 1: Open the image you want to use as a bas-relief on the surface of the extruded polygon. Use the "File" menu for that, or drag the image into the main window of PhotoToMesh, or use copy/paste from your paint program to PhotoToMesh.

Step 2: Select "Extruded Polygon" in the "Solid Shape" combo box:

Choosing the solid shape

Step 3: Choose how many sides you want (from 3 to 8) by clicking on the "Other Settings..." and getting this dialog:

Choosing the number of sides of the polygon to be extruded

The other settings, like size of the object and smoothing of the image are explained on other help pages.





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