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PhotoToMesh V4 Quick Start

When you first run PhotoToMesh you will see a large dialog with some greyed out controls and two empty rectangles:

Drag an image file into that dialog to get started (or use the File | Open) menu:

You will be presented with a series of dialogs where you can change contrast, brightness, angle and finally crop of the image:

Change brigtness and contrast of your STL base image

In the above example I've increased the contrast, as you can see comparing the two images.

The next dialog lets you rotate the image, in this case there was no reason to change the angle of the image so I left the rotation at 0, as you can see below:

Rotate the STL base image (if you want)

Finally you can crop the image to concentrate on an area of interest. In this case I've done a small crop, compare the two images below.

STL image crop example

At the end you click on next and the image is placed inside PhotoToMesh (right panel in the screenshot below) and the stereolithographic file can be viewed (in the right panel):

Something to remember as you play around with the sliders and numbers: Generally you need to click on the "Recreate Model" button in the middle right of the dialog to get the solid updated with the new parameters.

Also remember that by dragging the mouse in the right-hand image you can view the model at different angles.

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