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Pictures to 3d relief (how to make them!)

If you want to make a sort of "bas-relief" from your photos to be printed on a 3D printer then you need to make the machine readable file, usually an STL file. To create that file (which you will send to your 3d printer or CNC tool) all you need to do is drag your image or photo into the main window:

Photo To Relief Program

In the example above a single relief surface has been made, you can change that to an STL file object by changing the Mesh Type to Closed Triangular Mesh:

Photo Picture to Bas Relief

You can can see that the Mesh Type has been changed in the screenshot above. I have dragged the mouse over the 3D view so it rotates and to show you that the object now has a "base" which you can see at the bottom of the 3D window. The size of that base depends on your material and the machine you intend to use. It can be changed in PhotoToMesh by clicking on the "Other Options..." button.

PhotoToMesh can save in DXF format or in STL format. DXF format means you can import the object into your CAD program:

Relief from a photo

For some guidance on the sort of photos and images which work best for bas-relief click here.

PhotoToMesh has a free demo so you can experiment with creating your own bas reliefs from your own images and photographs. Click on the button below to download it:




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