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See screenshots at the bottom of this page.

PhotoToMesh V5 released by Ransen Software

PhotoToMesh is a Windows program that creates bas relief STL files for 3D printers from photographs and images. It is very simple to use and does not require knowledge of CAD programs. Just bring in your photograph, set a few options and save the STL (stereolithography) file.

All 3D printers accept this file format. In previous versions it was possible to create rectangular, cylindrical, spherical and polygonal objects, with your photo appearing at any position and with any size.

Version 7 adds extruded profiles like stars, crescent moons, hearts and so on. So you can quickly create badges for example, with children's names on. It is also easy to use PhotoToMesh to create custom decorations for Christmas trees, with photos of family members in bas-relief in the center of the object.

You can use PhotoToMesh to create lithophanes, back-lit photographic plates which, combined with a small LED lamp, are ideal for Christmas table decorations and personalized gifts.

Apart from printing bas reliefs and lithophanes, PhotoToMesh has been used in medical, topographic and educational applications for creating solid models of internal organs, biological tissues, geographical and planetary maps and globes.

Version 7 is fully 64 bit and runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

PhotoToMesh costs US$49.99 and requires an Internet connection. Magazines can freely use the screenshots at the bottom of this page.

There is a free demo downloadable from here:


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About the Author:

Owen F. Ransen has years of experience in the design of software, hardware and devices for image production and lighting analysis. While in Japan he created the hardware and software for one of the world's first commercial ray tracing systems for the production of animation for TV ads (Concurrent Images KK, Tokyo, Japan, 1982).

In Italy he created one of the world's first commercial programs to combine the techniques of ray tracing and radiosity to produce not only technical data on lighting installations, but also photometrically realistic renderings of the installation (Martini Lighting, Modena, Italy 1990)

Currently he is a consultant working in the fields of lighting software, color analysis software, LED light performance software, as well as parametric and automated CAD design. His Repligator graphical effects program won best Graphics Program of the year in 1999 at the SIAF awards in Tampa, Florida.

Among his technical publications are "Programming AutoCAD in C/C++", "Ransen's ObjectARX Programming Course" and "Inventor Programming in C++".

Screenshots of PhotoToMesh: Use any of the images below when publishing in the press release.

Surface of revolution lithophane lit by a small LED lamp.

Above is a lithophane portrait with and without back-lighting

A Martian landscape in PhotoToMesh...

STL Mars Landscape

A 3D print of a Martian landscape...

3d Printed Mars Landscape


A swimming shark bracelet designed in PhotoToMesh and printed on a 3D printer...


A 3D print of Mars from an STL file created by PhotoToMesh...

Celtic Cross


Dog Star Lithophane (Not illuminated)

Dog Star Lithophane (Back illuminated)


Arc Lithophane of Wedding Photo


STL Medal for 3D printers
The Medal Solid in PhotoToMesh

Custom Coaster


Cylindrial Lithophane lit externally and internally

Cylindrical Lithophane
Bas Relief Portrait On Cylindrical Lithophane


STL Polygonal Extrusion...
Polygonal Extrusion With Celtic Design


Recreate asteroids from space data.

Recreate fossils using your 3d printer and PhotoToMesh


More Screenshots Here




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