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STL file from Heightfield data (an image)

If you need to create an STL Stereolithography file from a heightfield, and that heightfield comes from a photograph or image, then have a look at the screenshot below:

Making an STL file from a heightfield

With PhotoToMesh simply drag in the image file and let the software create the heightfield which is then used to automatically create the mesh. The mesh can then be saved as an STL file.

And in this case there needs to be a bit of tuning. If you look at the A or the W in the green image, you'll see a little bit of jaggedness, which would look awful in the final 3D object. So I have increased the smoothing to 1 which gives final logo a better smoother look, but changes the "character" of the text a little.

Once created though all you need to is save it as an STL file, use the File menu, Save STL or DXF File... item:

Save as STL file

PhotoToMesh also creates spherical, cylindrical and surface of revolution objects as shown below:

Surfaces of revolution with celtic decoration

The program has a free demo which you can download by clicking on the button below:




After appalling technical support from my credit card handler Verifone I've decided to stop selling software. It may become available as charityware.

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