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Some real physical examples of STL 3D Printer output.

The photos on this page are of objects created with 3D Printers using files made by the PhotoToMesh program.

Jamie Wilson has created these great cylindrical lithophanes:

The image on the right shows the 3D aspect of the lithophane when not internally lit.

Below is a bowl, the file of which was made using PhotoToMesh V7. It is still on the heated print bed, and note that it was printed upside down to dive stability during building.

Bowls for 3D printers

Ed Hebel sent me photos of these cylinders which PhotoToMesh has embossed with simple bas-relief designs:

cylindrical printing

printing cylinders

Sarah C Lin (search for Idea Beans in Facebook) has made some flat lithophanes which she then combind into a single object:

components of flat lithophane mashup

And the final object looks like this:

Flat lithophanes combined

Here is another really interesting application which I had not thought of ... Michael Kolitsky creates reliefs of medical images for use by blind or partially sighted students:

3d printing for blind and partially sighted students

3d printing for blind and partially sighted students

Anssi Mustonen had made (3d printed) this relief map of his home country, Finland:

You can download the demo of PhotoToMesh by clicking on the button below. The full version costs $44.95.






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