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Smoothing surfaces for stereolithography.

This article applies to version 5 and earlier. See the V7 help file for the percentage setting. When photos and digital images are converted to 3D meshes (either DXF or STL) sometimes the best results are obtained when the mesh is smoothed. Here are three examples of the same mesh from the same photograph smoothed to different extents:

Smoothing bas-reliefs as STL files

More smoothing of bas-reliefs as STL files

Extreme smoothing of bas-reliefs as STL files...

The first mesh, with smoothing=0, is probably too rough to use for many machines, the second mesh is better, and the third is very smooth. You'll need to experiment with which setting is better for you.

More details on smoothing in V4 of PhotoToMesh. See also limits.

Examples from Art Work.

There is a free demo available which you can use to try out your own image, click on the button below to download it:





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