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About point list formats

There seem to be as many point list formats as there are technicians on the planet. Here is an explanation of the most popular, followed by a free and easy method for finding out what format your file is in.

The UPT format (Magellan eXplorist Reciever)

These formats have 10 columns separated by commas.

Pointor, a program which imports point lists into DXF files recognises these sort of files. Normally, when you open or drag in the file (or paste the clipboard data) you simply select ".UPT" as the format and "Comma" as the delimiter. Here are a few lines from a UPT format:


Here is a screen shot of the settings for importing a UPT file:

UPT Format dialog settings (DXF import export)

You can see that under the "format" column I've selected UPT, and in the Delimiters box I've selected comma. The great thing about Pointor is that it shows you a preview of your points as you change formats. that way you can be sure of importing the correct data.

PNEZD and PENZD GPS formats.

Many land survey instruments produce files (often with the CSV extension) in the following format.

  • Column 1 : Point Number (this is a whole number, an integer)
  • Column 2 : Easting (this is coordinate, with decimals)
  • Column 3 : Northing (this is coordinate, with decimals)
  • Column 4 : Elevation (Z value, this is coordinate, with decimals)
  • Column 5 : Description (this is some descriptive text)

This is shortened to PENZD. Sometimes Easting and Northing are swapped, which is called the PNEZD format. Pointor supports both these formats. Usually these formats use commas as separators (delimiters). So when you import data from a GPS instrument or a land survey file you often need to select either the PNEZD (GPS) format or the PENZD (GPS) format, and choose only the comma delimiter.

Below is a closeup of the dialog box for choosing the format of the file to import:

UPT PENDZ GIS format choice


As you can see, apart from PNEZD, PENZD and UPT there is Pure Number format, Code X Y, Code Y X, X Y Desc, XYZ Desc and X Y Z .BRK.

Pointor can import your point lists and convert them into graphics and DXF files:

PENZD and PNEZD conversion to DXF file

You can download the demo of Pointor now and start testing it with your own data immediately.

Download Pointor point list and DXF converter


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