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CSV file to DXF file conversion.

This program (which has a free demo, download here) will quickly create a .DXF file from your list of points in a .CSV file. Simply open the file using the File | Open menu, select the format from the list and voila! your points are visible graphically. Then you can save the points as a DXF file (which can be read by programs like of AutoCAD, Rhino and IntelliCAD among others).

The illustration below explains the process graphically:

CSV file to Pointor to DXF file

There is a graphical preview of the data which changes as you change the format. Just click on the various format buttons and watch the preview till you find the one you want:

CSV 2 DXF options dialog

Another feature is the possibility to use the description of the point as the layername of that point. Once you are happy with the layer names and color and text sizes etc. the program will create the DXF file from your CSV data and present it to you like this:

CSV to DXF convertor screenshot

Of course you can change the layernames and grid sizes and text colors and sizes. Just use the options dialog (under the Options menu):

CSV to DXF options (layer names and colors(

Pointor costs $69.99 and there is a free demo available...

Download Pointor Free Demo Now

...so you can try out your data before you buy.

If you have any questions about formats don't hesitate to contact me. The program runs under Windows 7, 8 and later.

Compatibility with XP and Vista...



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