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How to convert from a DXF file to a point list file (CSV, CR5 etc.)

It is really very easy, the diagram below shows an overview:

Point list from a DXF file

Drag your .DXF file into the main window, choose the entity types (circles, lines etc.), view the point list graphically and then save the point list as a CSV,TXT,PRN or CR5 file.

When choosing entities you have this choice:

Pointlist from DXF file, which entities to choose

So you can have any combination of.

  • Points
  • Lines (the end points of the lines)
  • Polylines (the vertices are the positions of the points)
  • Circles (the center of the circle is the position of the points)
  • Texts (the insertion point is the position of the points)
  • 3DFaces (the end points of the edges)
  • Inserts (the insert position)
  • Arcs (several points around an arc)

The same program can read a point list and convert it to a DXF file.

Try it with your own data, download the free demo below:

Download Pointor Demo



Compatibility with XP and Vista...

More screenshots of the point import program

Another example of the ease of use of Pointor

"I found your software via a google search for 'import points into Autocad'. I use the package to bring a list of PNEZD points that I collect with Survey equipment into AutoCAD drawings."








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