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Data Mapping Applications

This program lets you see your list of points graphically. The source of the list can be a file from a GIS/GPS instrument or maybe Excel (or even Access). In the latter cases simply do a copy/paste operation from Excel to Pointor. The schematic below shows how simple the operation is:

Data Map Applications Schematic

The program really has two main purposes, to show you your list of GIS points (or whatever point source you are using) graphically, and then, if you want to, you can save the list of points as a DXF file for use by most CAD programs like AutoCAD or IntelliCAD.

Here is a closeup screen shot:

Data Mapping Application

There is a free demo, so you can try before you buy...





How to quickly view CR5 files.

Txt to Dxf

Dxf to Txt

How to Add Point Number/Codes To Lists Without Them.


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