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Dxf to Txt program software?

If you need to get hold of points (or lines or polylines or circles) in an AutoCAD DXF (.DXF) file and convert them into a text (.TXT) file then here is how you can do it painlessly.

Step 1: Open the DXF file in Pointor. You will be presented with a dialog to choose which sorts of coordinates you want to pick the points from. In the example below I have chosen POINTS and the dialog tells me that there are 222 points. (I could have chosen TEXTS or CIRCLES , etc)

DXF to TXT polylines choice

When you click on OK you'll be presented with a graphical view of the coordinates you have read in from the AutoCAD entities:

A graphical view of the dxf to txt conversion

Now if you click on the pointlist icon txt list of points command at the right end of the toolbar you can examine the points which have been imported from the DXF file:

converted dxf to txt text list

If they are what you want a control-A (select All) and a control-C (Copy to clipboard) will get the list into the Windows clipboard as a tab separated list.

Alternatively you can use the Save Point List command under the File menu to save them in any format you want:

dxf to txt final step

Pointor has a free Windows demo which you can use to try out on your own DXF files:

If you want to go in the other direction have a look at this page: Txt-to-dxf.htm

Compatibility with XP and Vista...




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