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A simple GIS CAD spatial data viewer (and convertor).

A long list of points is impossible to visualise mentally, even roughly, so this program is ideal. You can even save the points as a graphical DXF file for import into other programs. As shown in the schematic below, you can simply import your data into the program, view it and then save it as a DXF file.

GIS CAD spatial data viewer

The data can come from simple text files, as well as from Excel spread sheets and Access database (in the latter two cases simply use copy and paste). Various options allow you to change the view that you get, like layer colors, text height, symbol, size etc. :

There is a provision for adding grids and scales too, as you can see above. Click on the screenshot below to get more example screenshots:

More GIS CAD screenshots

More screenshots





I use Pointor a lot to convert the topo breakline data files into 3-D autocad dxf files. It works perfectly every time. - A. N. Other (happy customer)


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