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GIS Import Export

With this program you can not only import lists of points from GIS systems (and other data sources) but you can also save the list of points graphically as a DXF file. The program gives you a fully detailed graphical preview of the list of points you are interested in. The simple sequence is summarised below:

GIS Import Export overview

The data source can be a file of list of points, or data copied from an Excel spreadsheet into the clipboard. See the screenshot below:

GIS import export example

Various formats are supported, and you can choose the appearance (colors, text sizes, grids etc) with the options dialog:

You can think of the program as a graphical viewer with DXF saving capabilities. Almost every CAD program in the world accepts DXF files, AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, Rhino, etc.

There is a demo (free), and the full version costs $69.99. So you can try the software before buying it.





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