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How to convert a LEICA GSI file into a DXF file.

This page explains how to convert a LEICA GSI format file into an AutoCAD compatible DXF file using Pointor V11 PRO. Open the file:

Get a DXF file from a Leica GSI file

The next step is to select various settings, this dialog will come up automatically once the file has been read: Note the settings in red rectangles:

Easy GSI to DXF conversion

When you click on OK what you see next will depend on how your DXF settings () have been set, or you can change them immediately by clicking on the "Dxf Options..." button in the above dialog. The resulting DXF will look something like this:

Here are some example settings which will get you going:

Leica DXF settings 1


See also the index of online help file for how to size and orient text.


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