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Laser Cutter DXF files

Sometimes you have a list of points you want to send to a laser cutter. Many laser cutter's accept DXF files, but the files need to be of a certain "format" to be accepted by the cutter. In particular they have to contain a sequence of points which form line segments which the cutter can follow.

Setting the options in Pointor for creating a laser cutter compatible DXF file is easy, just follow the screenshot below:

Laser Cutter DXF file settings

As you can see we have switched off many of the extra options, and have left a simple sequence of lines. The things you may need to change are the number of decimal points or the layer of the lines.

If you have some point data you would like to view in Pointor, but are you unsure as to which format to try please contact me. Almost all the formats above have been suggested by customers.


PTS files


I offer a 3D laser scanning service (point cloud cross sections) and Pointor ticked all the boxes. - P G



"I use Pointor a lot to convert the topo breakline data files into 3-D autocad dxf files. It works perfectly every time." - A. N. Other (happy customer)


After appalling technical support from my credit card handler Verifone I've decided to stop selling Pointor. It may become available as charityware.

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