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Getting a list of points into AutoCAD

This program creates drawings from lists of points which can be read by AutoCAD. Not only do you get to visually examine (and zoom and pan) the list of points, but they can also be saved as a DXF file (which is a native AutoCAD format) for later reading by the CAD. The diagram below shows how easy it is:

List of points to AutoCAD file

Point data is often stored as a series of x, y and z coordinates. These text files may also contain other information about the points such as point number and point descriptions. Some formats use the Northing, Easting, Elevation format.

Pointor creates points (and connecting lines too if you want). You can set different layers for points, lines and any accompanying text.

.DXF output format for a list of points

As you can see from above the formats supported are:

  • Pure numbers (X, Y, Z).
  • Point Number, Northing Easting Elevation and Description.
  • Point Number, Easting Northing Elevation and Description.
  • Point code, X, Y
  • Point code, Y, X
  • UPT
  • X Y Description
  • X Y Z Description

Below is a screenshot of the application:

Import Point Lists for IntelliCAD DXF files

You do not need AutoCAD to run Pointor. It is a standalone program and there is a free demo.


From Excel to Dxf in two mouse clicks!

More screenshots of the point import program

Another example of the ease of use of Pointor

Customer quote:
"I found your software via a google search for 'import points into Autocad'. I use the package to bring a list of PNEZD points that I collect with Survey equipment into AutoCAD drawings."



DXF to Pointlist conversion


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