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New in Version 11 (and10 and 9 and 8 and 7) of Pointor

New in Version 11

Here are the main new features in V11 with respect to V10:

  1. Fully 64 bit operation (For 32 bit V10 see here. For 32 bit XP see here).
  2. Text to DXF objects using a simple file format.
  3. You can angle the text near a point.
  4. If there is a 6th column in PNEZD and PENZD format files it can be visualised.
  5. 3D View now has easy to use buttons for predefined viewpoint.
  6. 3D View now has pan and rotation mouse control the same as AutoCAD standard.
  7. Right clicking on a point you can pinpoint it in the text point list.
  8. The number of decimals in the textual list box is the same as the number of decimals fixed in the Dxf properties dialog.
  9. Double clicking on a row in the text point list will zoom into that point and highlight it.
  10. Maximum number of rows in the PRO version increased from 250,000 to 500,000.
  11. 2DLIDAR files can now be converted into DXF files. Pointlists can be mirrored in x or y.

New in Version 10

  1. Many more point symbol types.
  2. Accepts your own point symbol types as simple DXF blocks.
  3. Customizable text offsets from the point.
  4. Point lists created from DXF files now insert points from free standing arcs and arcs inside polylines.
  5. The extreme coordinates of the list are shown in color in the list box
  6. More simpler dialogs instead of one big complicated one for the DXF settings.
  7. PRO version has 3D viewing of point lists.
  8. PRO version can read Leica GSI files.
  9. PRO version can create point lists from DXF 3d meshes.

Note that V10 does not work with Windows XP or Windows Vista, but Version 9 (still available) does.

New in Version 9

  1. You can merge/join two pointlists either "as is" or specifying a "common point".
  2. Removal of duplicates.
  3. Reading of 3DFACE data from DXF files into pointlists.
  4. Reading of DXF BLOCK INSERT data into pointlists.
  5. Multiple documents are organised as tabbed documents.
  6. A new format is available, PXYZDF (F=flags).
  7. The list dialog has a button to copy all points to the windows clipboard, in PXYZDF format.
  8. The list dialog has a button to save all the points in a file (in any format). Maximum number of points 250,000 (previously 100,000).

New in Version 8

  1. You can view the list of points as text.
  2. The list is searchable.
  3. You can break polylines with description changes.
  4. You can save the image of the pointlist to a file like JPG or PNG.
  5. CNC x y z a format is handled.
  6. SurfPac.str format is handled.
  7. Deeper zooming is supported.
  8. DXF output coordinates are written at a higher resolution.
  9. It is possible to show Z coords without showing X and Y coords.

New in Version 7

New in version 7 is the ability to create a point list from a DXF file, as well as the reading and writing of binary CR5 files. In fact this version can be used as a point list converter.

Another added capability is the "copy list to clipboard" button, which means you can paste your point list in various formats directly into your Excel or Access or normal text document.




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