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Here are some more screenshots showing the various point import options and settings. In all cases the DXF files can be imported into any CAD or GIS program which reads DXF (and 99% of them do!):

Point list import example

The screenshot of aclose up of the GIS data is shown above. Below there is a more general view of the list of points.

Pointlist viewer

As you can see below the points can be connected with lines (on any layer you choose).

Pointlist map import

A grid is useful for locating points and understanding their distances visually:

Piintlist GIS import

Of course the layer colors and number of decimal points etc are fully configurable:

Pointlist GIS settings dialog


Another screenshot

Pointor and IntelliCAD

Pointor and AutoCAD

Import list of points from Excel.

Screenshots of GIS dialogs and point import options

"Many thanks for writing this software! I'm an architect and had the challange of modeling a complex space frame made of bars and joints. But our engineer supplied the coordinates of the vertexes in a large Excel table, of 2,000 rows! Pointor really saved me days of hard work. It works great and I'll recommend it to my colleagues."


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