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Does anyone know of a "quick viewer" for CR5 files...?

If you need to see CR5 files with Point #, North, East, Elev, Description graphically in a window without having to start up heavy GIS programs then try Pointor:

How to view a CR5 file as a DXF file

This same program lets you save the CR5 files as DXF files, simply use the File menu and "Save As DXF" item. It is also possoble to drag the CR5 files into the Pointor window, as shown below:

drag .CR5 files into DXF window

If you want to use try it before you buy it ($69.99) you can download the demo and see how it works with you own GIS point list files:


Pointer has met every need that I had when I purchased it last year
- Bob Mellen

More about point list formats.

GIS Data Mapping Applications

Another example, XLS to DXF tutorial.

Real world example 1

Real world example 2

Real world example 3

Specifically AutoCAD


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