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How to convert points from an XLS file to a DXF file.

Here is a concrete example (click here for DXF to XLS).

Step 1) Select the list of points in Excel.

Step 2) Copy the selected area to the clipboard (Use the edit menu or control-C)

Step 3) Paste the selection into Pointor. You will get a dialog for choosing the format:

In this case the original data works best by selecting Code,X,Y the tab separator (upper middle panel) and the dot decimal (central panel). Note that we start reading at row 2 (central right panel) because the first row (row 1) may be the headings of the columns from Excel.

Step 4) Click on OK , you may get this dialog box:

Click on the yes button and you will get a repositioned view of your data.

Step 5) Now you have to change the text sizes, grid sizes, block sizes to suit the extent of your data. Click on the options menu, options item. A dialog will pop up where these things can be set. The image below shows the central part of that dialog, with the settings we need for the data seen at the start of this tutorial:

Step 6) Click on OK and view your data. A part of the image for the data above is shown below:


Now, if you like what you can see you can zoom and pan around the image, or save it as a DXF file (under the File menu) or use the options dialog to change layers, sizes, colors etc.

Try the free demo by clicking on the button above.

Pointor can also be used for the following jobs:

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How to convert a DXF file into a point list.
We had a problem with a small survey and needed to regenerate data which we only had as a text file. A fellow surveyor suggested Pointor, and he was right!"





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