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Txt to Dxf - the settings for converting from a text file to a dxf file.

If you have a text file which contains two or three columns like the one shown below:

XYZ text to DXF data example

and you want to convert it to a DXF file then the settings you should use are shown in the screenshot below:

XYZ text to DXF

You can see that "pure numbers" has been selected as the format (top left of the dialog), because that corresponds to what is in the file. Also spaces are used in the file to separate each X y and Z, so the delimiter has been set to "Space" (middle top of the dialog).

In this example all the Z coordinates are the same, so it does not matter if you import the pointlist as a 2D list of 3D list.

Next click on OK in the above dialog and you'll get a DXF file shown like this:

Example of TXT to DXF conversion

Now you can zoom in to see the details and you can change layers and choose whether to show the coordinates, axes, grid etc. :

Text to Dxf dialog

Finally just use the file menu to save the points as a DXF file.

You can try all these things with your own txt xyz data by downloading the free Windows demo:

XYZ TXT to DXF program download

Compatibility with XP and Vista...




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