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How to auto straighten scanned images and photos.

Is there a software program to automatically straighten scanned images and photos? Well, look at this screenshot:

auto straighten photos from a scan

Not only are the images extracted from the main scanner image automatically, but they are also straightened automatically! The program is RansenScan.

Of course you have to follow some rules, you can't have the pictures touching each other and they should not touch the edge of the scanner bed.

Note though how the girl and the organ grinder original images have lower contrast than their versions in the "list of images". I have used RansenScan's color correction them. Just right click in the list and you can select this function:

How to increase contrast in  black and white photos

Next you can save all the images in one go by using the "Save all sub images" command under the file menu:

save all scanned images dialog

RansenScan (for Windows only) has a demo version which can be downloaded here:









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