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Automatic Straightening/Deskewing and Cropping Of Scanned Images

When you have hundreds of photos to scan in it would be nice to be able to do them in batches of 3 or 4 for example. The problem is at the 10th batch you have already put in 40 photographs and you are getting tired of placing them "just so" and having to crop them from the main scan manually, probably in a second program like Photoshop.

RansenScan is a scanning utility which will do all this for you automatically, as shown by the screenshot below:

Deskew and Crop Automatically.

You do have to be careful to a certain extent, the photos must mot touch each other and it is best if none of them touch the sides of the scanner, but since there is a free demo you can easily try it out on your own photos and with your own scanner. get tired of putting Text

Once scanned in you can also adjust the colors or maybe fine tune the cropping. Here is an example of the latter, this dialog pops up when you double click on one of the images in the right-hand colulm of the above screenshot:

Fine tune cropping and deskewing

If you choose automatic contrast enhancement (which is useful for faded photographs) you will improve the look of your photos (or card collections) as shown below:

Here is another example of RansenScan's automatic deskew capabilities. The cards from this collection have been put on the scanner bed in a bit of a hurry, as you can see, but RansenScan has automatically straightened all of them:

Deskew and straighten (Straighten and Crop)

Deskewing (sometimes called "straightening") is a common and tedious task which RansenScan will take out of your hands. Autocrop is also a time-saving boon, and it takes place at the same time as the deskewing.

Another thing which many other programs lack is the ability to select sub images within images. You do this by manually selecting a part of a photo to save as a separate image. You can see this in action in the screenshot below:

Extract details from scanned photographs by manually cropping

The third image in the column is the whole photograph. But the fourth image at the bottom of the column is a detail selected from the photo manually.

A free demo is available (for all Windows versions, and both 32 and 64 bit) by clicking on the button below:

...and you can read some customer testimonials here.





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