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Software to automatcially straighten scanned images

When scanning many images in a single scan sometimes you do not put the images on the scanner bed exactly straight. This means that you have a time consuming task ahead of you to extract ans straighten each photo. Here is an example of some cards scanned together but hardly placed neatly on the scanning bed:

Straighten images from a scan

The software (RansenScan) has extracted and straighted all the images automatically. All you need to do is click on the scan icon:

Of course you can add to the straightening accuracy (if you really need to) by right clicking on the "sub image" and selecting Sub Image Fine Tuning from the menu to get this dialog:

Straighten Scanned Images Automatically

With this dialog you can not only rotate the image at 0.1° steps, but also change the zoom and position of the sub image.

In the above example there are 8 images extracted and straighted automatically. To save them all at once you can use the "Save All Sub Images..." command:

Saving autocropped and autostriaghtened scanned images (part 1)

Then RansenScan will present you with a dialog for every image so you can change the title of each image, or accept the named and numbered image name presented to you:

Extract, straighten and save photos

RansenScan is a Windows program which works on operating systems from XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions) and Windows 8 (PC versions). You can try the demo by downloading, click on the button below:

Scanner Utility to straighten images automatically

Deskew scanner images in automatic



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