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Extracting portraits from group photos - an easy solution.

Sometimes you have a group photo and quickly want to create several (singe head) portraits of the people in the group. Here is an example:

Scanning details from large photos into separate photos, an example

(Although the program was designed for scanning, and the example is a scanned image you can also open a normal photo and use that.)

Anyway, dragging the mouse over the heads in the main image (on the left in the above RansenScan screenshot) you can create a set of sub images (on the right in the above screenshot).

Once that is done you can make a composite page to print, as shown in the screenshot below:

Dialog for separating a many headed photo into separate portraits.

Note that I have added captions into the page. You can choose the size and position of the photos as well as the font and size and positions of the captions.

When you are happy with the page layout all you have to do is click on the "Copy Page To Clipboard" or the "OK, and Print" button.

Click here to download the demo



I really like the software and separating images is what I use it for. I don't know of any other software which provides such ease of use or flexibility in separating multiple photographs from a scanned image. RansenScan is the best!
- David




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