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Card Collection Scanning Tips

Lay out your cards on the scanner bed something like this...

Card Collection Scanning

...with spaces between them and not touching the edge of the scanner. Click on the scanner icon and you will get the cards automatically extracted as shown on the right of the screenshot above.

Now you can use two methods to save the images, the first is one by one. Left click on the sub image you want to save and its frame will become red:

Saving card collection scans, 1st method. menu

If you click on Save Single Sub Image this dialog will pop up, where you can change the suggested filename and filetype:

Saving card collection scans, 1st method

The method described above is perfectly adequate, but there is an alternative in which you save all the scanned and extracted sub images with a single command under the File menu:

Saving card collection scans, 2nd method, menu

The Save All Sub Images command loops over all the sub images (8 in the above example) giving you a chance to change the name of each image:

Saving card collection scans, 2nd method

It is much quicker than the saving of one sub image at a time. Notice the three buttons at the bottom of the dialog, the rightmost one will save all the sub images without any more interaction from you, RansenScan simply changes the number of the saved image.

One last tip. The Tarot cards in this collection are quite small, 7.5cm by 4.5cm (3" x 1.8") and I needed to set the auto extraction options as shown below:

Settings for card collection scans

RansenScan has a free demo you can download:




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