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Epson Scan Full Auto Mode sometimes does not separate the images...

...and this can be pretty annoying because you need to do quite a lot of work to get the images separated manually. Here is an example:

Automatic photo separation in scanner software

When I used Full Auto I got a single image containing all three of the images. I wanted three separate images. Luckily you can use RansenScan to extract single images from scans like the one above. Here is a screen shot showing the automatically extracted "sub images":

Automatic photo separation in scanner software, which works

Of course there are situations in which both Epson Full Auto and RansenScan fails to separate images, but in those cases RansenScan lets you easily select and save sub images manually.

You can also copy the individual images to the clipboard, save them individually, change their sizes, color, angles, etc, and even print them all together on a single page, arranged as you want and complete with captions.

Here is a graphical overview of what RansenScan does:

Adjust the color of old photos

The program even allows you to adjust the colors and contrast of the old photos to bring them back to their original glory. RansenScan is a Windows program and you can try it on your own photographs by downloadin the demo:



You can organize the pics in a physical album, but doing it digitally take a bit more effort. This software makes that SIMPLE, EASY & FAST! Those 3 things - Easy, Fast & Simple mean: It WILL happen! The pics will be scanned, they will be organized and they will be used to share with family and friends!







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