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An example of scanning old photographs, really old photographs!

Here are some screenshots of photos scanned by David Worley from his very large collection:

Old Photo Scanning Tips

Whether you want to restore vintage family photographs or create a digital archive of your favorite snapshots, scanning is the first step in preserving your photos for years to come.

RansenScan automatically extracts the photos from the scanner bed as long as they are separated from each other, for example in the above image.

Here is another screenshot from David, showing different sized black and white photos:

Scanning Old Portraits and automatic photo separation

Again RansenScan has extracted and cropped the images automatically.

In the screenshot below you can see how the program allows you to select photographs manually if needed or desired:

Scanning Old Black And White Photo Collections, Manual Separation

Simply click on one of the sub images in the right hand column and you'll see its border turn red as well as its position in the main scan highlighted with a black border and arrows for rotating and stretching the selection.

If you want to do very fine tuning of the selected photo's size and angle simply double click on it in the right column. You will get a dialog like this (with a different photo obviously):

Fine tuning photo angles (old photographs)

Here you can change the angle by amounts as little as 0.1°.

Click on the button below to try the free Windows demo with your own photo collection:



"RansenScan is a magical application and it saves me a heap of time. Since I did the scans of my neighbour's UK visitors it's been used more and more. As far as I know there's not another application which does what Ransenscan does." - RansenScan customer.








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