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How to add captions and text to scanned photos

Once you have your set of photos cropped and straightened (automatically) from your scan...

Auto Crop, Auto Straighten, then frame

...you might like to add a caption to them, to document time, place, and people. You can do this quite easily by first clicking on the the image you want to add the caption to (it will get highlighted with a red frame) and then on frame icon in the toolbar:

In the scanner screenshot at the top of this page you can see that the bottom image in the column is highlighted, so clicking on the frame icon lets you to add a caption (and frame if you want) to that image before saving or printing it:

How to add captions to photos from a scanner

As you can see in the above dialog, you can set the caption, the position of the caption, the caption size, font, color and choose out of 7 positions.

If you don't want to put the caption over the actual photograph you can add a frame around the photo, and the caption will go inside the frame. Click here for more about adding frames.

RansenScan remembers the caption and frame settings after each change you make, so the next time you scan, if you are scanning photos of 'Stratton School Rugby 1976', the dialog will default to those settings until you change them:

RansenScan has a free demo you can download and test with your own photos and scanning device:

Download Auto Crop Program




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