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How to put frames around scanned images.

If you are scanning a collection of photos (or cards) you may want to put a decorative frame around each object. For example:

A scanned image with caption and frame

You can do this quite easily by selecting your image and then clicking on the framing icon in the toolbar:

Frame the image icon

Here is the whole sequence:

Sequence to frame a scanned image

Next you'll get a dialog where you can set the frame size and colors, and even a caption:

Dialog to frame a scanned image.

The silver effect in the example above was made by having a light grey with a white as the fill colors. If both colors are the same then the frame is simply one single solid color.

So, not only does RansenScan extract, crop and straighten your photo and card collection...

Automatic cropping for later framing of scanned images

...it can also decorate and document it!





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